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We guide you through the realization of high-performing digital end-to-end processes using SAP Software & Technology.

With the expert guidance and a detailed implementation roadmap, SAP software can revolutionize your business and simplify processes by filling the gaps. ZeOpus SAP Team has 12+ years of expertise and has a deep understanding of the technology – and we know how to unlock its potential. Our project-based end-to-end services are modelled to design and implement software products, solutions, and processes, as well as integrate within the established landscape and infrastructure. We make sure that you leverage best-practice solutions to secure lasting success for your business.

 Our Area Of Expertise

  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture
  • Application Implementation & System Integration
  • Application Design & User Experience
  • Custom Development & Application Extension
  • Template Creation & Rollout Delivery
  • Transition & Landscape Transformation

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Gain Agility with Our Enterprise & Solution Architecture


All companies have a growing and diverse IT system landscape, requiring many interfaces and alignment of releases, data, and support. To align your overall IT strategy with your business goals, we help you to create an agile Enterprise Architecture that optimizes the use of resources, prevents bottlenecks, allows more flexibility as well as scalability.  


Our solution architects understand the distinctive requirements of your business and create a common ground of understanding for stakeholders on the business and IT side. They plan, design, and define the optimal customer-specific implementation and technical embedding of applications in the existing landscape. 


For long-lasting successful SAP implementation, our experts in SAP basis consulting support you with the technical base, their services including installation and system configuration, as well as upgrades and updates of SAP components.  

SAP Implementation & System Integration Tailored to Your Needs

Explore and experience the Potential of SAP Software & Technology 


Our Implementation and System Integration Services encompass setup, implementation, as well as seamless technical integration of SAP’s intelligent enterprise portfolio into your IT landscape. After go-live, we do not only provide ongoing technical support but also continue to guide you through the processes of adoption and change management. 



Based on our global project methodology along with industry best practices, special accelerators and solutions, our experts create a tailored implementation strategy that helps you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently with low risk.


Experience the SAP- way of managing your business with our expert team

Application Design & UX for Intuitive SAP User Experience


In the latest era of the digital world, employees have been used to modern, intuitive user interfaces (UI). Hence, it is critical that advanced UIs offer more than just aesthetics. Easy-to-learn operation, shorter paths to desired functions, device-independent interfaces, and consistent design across all applications – all of these significantly increase user experience (UX) and, thus, your employees’ efficiency as well as enjoyment at work.


In our workshops, we share about the latest trends and basic technologies for modern usability. From persona development and customer journey to UI/UX design and optimization, we ensure that applications are built around your user’s needs and requirements including consistent and intuitive UI/UX of your SAP landscape.

Extend and Enhance Your Business Processes: Custom Development & Application Extension

Customers nowadays benefit from a modular mix and match approach. Instead of adapting and individualizing SAP applications with a great deal of effort, as done in the past, customers can now flexibly integrate new functionalities and features from other standard products via standard interfaces and combine them with custom-developed extensions, while still benefiting from independent lifecycles, updates, and support. 


With ZeOpus Business Solutions, you may enjoy the best of both worlds: Our developers have ample experience extending your enterprise applications to your needs. This includes everything from in-app extensions such as custom fields, forms, analytics, and user interfaces through to larger, decoupled side-by-side extensions that we design and build for you on the SAP® Business Technology Platform. You can further draw on our portfolio of own software products to address specific process needs or take advantage of our Advisory Services to change your internal development processes and successfully apply the clean core paradigm with your internal IT teams.

Expand Globally with Template Creation & Rollout Delivery

If your processes still run on multi-site SAP installations, we help you to simplify and move towards a single SAP system. Our experts harmonize your business processes and create a common global template to be rolled out across countries and business divisions. Especially big multinational companies benefit from our global rollout programs when it comes to challenges such as country independence or M&As.


Rely on Best Quality Standards in Transition & Landscape Transformation

If you are facing the transition to SAP S/4HANA, we help you to prepare and move SAP applications and data to a new platform – private, public, or hybrid cloud including a possible use of the ‘RISE with SAP’ offering. Whether it is a new implementation, conversion, or landscape transformation and consolidation: We find the best-possible transition approach for your business and accompany you in the transformation process every step of the way.  


Our SAP S/4HANA System Conversion solution, for example, migrates your data from an existing SAP Business Suite system to SAP S/4HANA – “renovating” the existing structure instead of tearing it down completely. Thus, you can keep your current and proven business processes as well as save time and budget.

Global Standards to Your Individual Benefit

A successful project must deliver value to the organization and its users – on time at an optimized budget. ZeOpus has the best  and exceptionally talented consultants  who are committed to excellence and know how to apply our global standards to your individual benefit. 

ZeOpus IT consulting services has the caliber to provide dedicated support for your SAP implementation based on over a decade of expertise we have. We work client-centered with transparency, right from the project initiation, progress, delivery till the post delivery support.  Our global presence ensures you have close contact to our competent consultants, who understand your industry and any applicable country-specific requirements.

As a partner, we respect your individual character and ensure that you receive a solution that sustainably meets your business requirements as well as succeed in the environment of modern economy.

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